Coldstream Clear Distillery is opening in Dartmouth Crossing late this fall. Retail, tasting room and small menu. It will be where Calvin Klein/Ekco was.

Have you ever thought I really wish my bath bomb or candle had jewellery in it? Well, then you’ll be happy to hear that Charmed Aroma is opening in the Big Dartmouth Mall. Elsewhere in the mall Crepe Delicious opened in the first-floor centre court where Starbucks used to be. Offering sweet or savoury crepes and gelato.

Locally owned cell accessory and repair shop CellMix is opening in early October on the upper level of Halifax Shopping Centre

Torrid is now open on the top floor of Halifax Shopping Centre,

Krishna Collections has opened at 287 Lacewood, the same plaza as Sobeys. Offering idols, pooja room essentials and home decor.

The Biscuit General Store on Argyle is now the Biscuit Clearance Centre! Ahead of the opening of their new home on Gottingen at Falkland, October 2. What I’m trying to say is if you want to visit the current store, time is limited.
A few weeks ago I mentioned that Puma was opening a store but wasn’t sure where. Well it will be beside Columbia at the base of the office building in Dartmouth Crossing

This week I wrote about Rosa Rugosa Seaside Market in Hubbards.

Our goal is to bring many of the amazing local products we have in our province into one place. We have a wide range of different products including edible market goods, antiques, vintage clothing, flower bouquets, plants, etc.” says co-owner Morgan Giffin.


You can find them in person at 30 Lighthouse Rt. (Highway 3) Hubbards or online at


Good Robot is opening another facility with a taproom and kitchen
in Elmsdale, behind the Aquatic Centre on Industrial Dr

The Italian Market celebrated 30 years last weekend, at their current home on Young St.

CycleSmith on Agricola Street, this week announced they now have a Living Wage policy in place for their employees.