Buta Ramen, who already has locations on Morris Street in Halifax and King Street in Dartmouth, is adding location three at Sunnyside Mall.

Alderney Landing and recent addition to Purdys Wharf java slingers
Port City Coffee will be growing soon with a new location at 958 Cole Harbour Rd
Xaymaca Seafood, Caribbean Cuisine and Beer Garden will be opening at 210 Waverley Rd ( the former Shediac Video and Variety)
Yunji Asian Grocery is opening in the new building at 3569 Dutch Village Rd (across from Kens) in Fairview.

The Mellow Mug Now open drive-thru, curbside, takeout on Dellridge Ln (Larry Uteck)

East Coast Smokehouse, BBQ, Deli & Catering Co. opens on Tuesday in  Middle Sackville at 1053 Sackville Dr.

Halifax ReTales Closed

The Clay Cafe in Dartmouth has announced they won’t be reopening

Quickplus Convenience in Bishops Landing has closed
In its place will be URBN-ish “women’s clothing, housewares, home décor, and baby items.”

This week in the Herald, I checked in with Laura, one of the co-owners of Stillwell, on how they are adapting; you can read that here https://www.saltwire.com/…/arthur-gaudreau-stillwell…/

However, I had word constraints; this part didn’t make the article
and I asked what she thought the Government could do to help?

“I could probably deliver you a novella on changes to regulations around alcohol service in this province, but if I were to stick to the immediate a few things come to mind.
I think we should be allowed to sell alcohol without the necessity of food. If someone wants to buy a 4-pack of beer from us why should they have to purchase a meal? We have products you cannot get anywhere else, a desire to purchase a product shouldn’t come with strings.
People can buy a truckload of beer from the NSLC, fill up a kiddy pool and stick in a curly straw but somehow purchasing alcohol from our inventory is deemed less safe or appropriate? It makes no sense. We’re all adults, let customers choose what they buy and let us choose what we sell.
Secondly, growlers. We have thousands of dollars of draught beer deteriorating in our fridges – let us fill growlers to go to save that wastage and make a bit of money. If we’re deemed responsible enough to sell alcohol then just let us.
What difference does it make if someone is consuming that product on our premises or in their homes?
Lastly, some of our peers have launched a campaign to allow to go cocktails, and it’s another no brainer to me. They are simply looking to provide the products they specialize in for people in their homes. They would be measured and priced similar to something consumed on premise, and could allow them to support their businesses and staff while using their skills. How is this less acceptable than someone consuming the product in their establishment, or simply buying alcohol from the NSLC is beyond me.
Oh, and let the people have a drink in the park! No one is advocating for public drunkenness and reckless abandon, just a crisp lager and a game of cards on the commons without the threat of a hefty fine.
These are wild times and people are just trying to maintain a bit of sanity, not everyone has a spacious backyard (or any for that matter!) so let people take in some fresh air and a tart rosé on a blanket with some cheese, it’s civilized”