Over-the-top shake, candy and ice cream shop Fun & Shakes (Flynns) is opening a second location beside Starbucks in the Hydrostone but this time with a smaller convenience store.

Nearby the space that was Heartwood on Gottingen Street will be coming back to life as Jekyll & Hyde I have heard “craft beer bar” and “gastropub” but when that is the name I will be disappointed if it didn’t have a transformation element from day to night.

Fauna Sugaring is opening March 2 at 2526 Agricola St. Equity, Environment, Education is the three core pillars of their business mission. “We strive to offer services that promote gender equity, environmental responsibility, and education. The hair removal industry largely neglects offering services for individuals who identify outside of the gender binary. We offer a wide range of gender-neutral services and strive to develop a reputation as a safe place for members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin! Sugaring is also an eco-friendly alternative of hair removal that is so good for your skin.”
Holy Moly Bubble Tea opens Monday at 114 Woodlawn Rd in Dartmouth, this is the first dedicated Bubble tea shop on the Dartmouth side.

Little Oak will be wrapping as their lease expires at the end of April. Their neighbour Bicycle Thief will expand into that space. Little Oak is hoping to return in some version at a different spot at a later date.

The new Atlantic Superstore in Bedford on Hogan Court is scheduled to open on March 18. This store will be emulating the City Market concept that Loblaws has in place elsewhere in Canada.

Manoosh Flatbreads opened inside Dimitris Pizza on Chebucto Road late last year.

Circling back to last week, Gift Market has shrunk and Tomavo in Woodside will be going in half the space Gift Market used to occupy