The Tim Hortons, which recently closed on Bedford Hwy, near Dartmouth Rd, will be taken over by their neighbours and will be Chicken Little Cafe “Coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches, ice cream & more with a nostalgic twist.”

Sustainable fishmonger Afishionado has a new retail outlet at 275 Rocky Lake Dr in Bedford. Their fish is still available at the Warehouse Market on Isleville as well.

Stoke Food Supply (they make protein bars) has opened The Fourth Pull Espresso Bar (take away for now) at 5687 West St (at Agricola)
Alderney Landing gem Port City Coffee has expanded to the other harbour coast and now has kiosks in both Purdys Tower 1 & 2

The main feature from a few weeks ago The Osney has opened for takeaway on Charles St and no surprise they sold out of sandwiches on their first day

This week saw the arrival of Labour Day Picnic inside Paul’s Hall on Highway 333 in Glen Haven.

Labour Day Picnic is a cafe run by co-owner Gabe Wallot-Beale, but is also home to two other businesses; Lure Caramel by his wife Kate Melvin, and Bonnie Bonnie Supper Company, run by Kate’s sister Leah Moon.

Paul’s Hall is owned by Wallot-Beale’s family and has been used by his father Tobias as a music and performance space. The building was originally located in Seabright.

“In the ’50s, the hall was moved on a flatbed down the road to Glen Haven and placed on land donated by a local family. In the years since it has been used as a community space for many events, one being the Labour Day Picnic,” says Melvin.

She said when the hall changed hands it had a lot of the original fixtures and items still in place, and one such item was “a massive hand-painted Labour Day Picnic sign. It was too perfect of a name to not utilize.”

Labour Day Picnic is the cafe “with a small retail section, great food and coffee and, eventually, space for local events and live music once again,” says Melvin.

Her Lure Caramel Co. has been there for two years and now has a direct retail space. They have been selling at retailers across the province.

Moon’s Bonnie Bonnie Supper Company provides the food for the cafe and is a bespoke catering company with its own line of products like sauces and take-home meals. They also provide catering for events and dinner parties “when that is once again permitted,” says Melvin.

A recent sneak peek Instagram post of sausage rolls with chili-ginger ketchup provided a peek at what sort of goodies are ahead.

While 2020 delayed their plans with dates being pushed and pushed again, they admit it gave them time to think things over more and get them perfect.

In the meantime, “we are treating the next few weeks as a soft opening. We’ll have a reduced menu and focus on just giving people the option to grab a quick snack or lunch to go while they are in the area,” Melvin said. “We have such a fantastic and supportive community out here in St. Margarets Bay and we are just really excited to be a place where folks feel welcome to come and hang out, have a coffee or a bite to eat.”

They opened Wednesday and you can find them at 12286 Hwy. 333 (Peggy’s Cove Road).

Normally every year I have a ReTales Staff  Xmas Party, where I go by myself with a small tree and a set of lights to 10-12 places in one evening. Well this year provided a bit of an obstacle so I changed the rules and I am going somewhere different every day from Dec 10-20

Day 1 was a Chicken Hallaca and a Braised Pork Empanada from Verano on Hollis St for lunch

While Stop 2 on Day 1
Was a Paneer Tikka Pizza from Downtown Pizza on Wyse Rd
paired with a Forest Glory Cider a collaboration from Lake City Cider and Change is Brewing Collective 

Day 2 was
a Mixed Meat Sandwich from 2 Boys Smokehouse on Cole Harbour Rd
paired with a Galaxy IPA which was gifted from Propeller Brewing 

Day 3 has a mix of Sushi with Karage from Dartmouth gem Doraku and
paired with a gifted Sasquatch Pale Ale