This renovation on the corner of Chain Lake and Crane Lake near the Bay Rd entrance of Bayers Lake will be a new location of ChaBaa Thai.

A few weeks ago, Ready for Joy opened at 1022 Barrington (near Inglis) ‘We serve Chinese and Japanese cuisine, don’t miss the unique taste of Chinese style BBQ and Japanese style Bento at Ready for Joy” this replaces Chat Bar.

Posh!, a gift store with the tag line ‘funky things for fussy people,” has opened in Sunnyside Mall; they also already operate a location in Historic Properties.

Falafel Factory has opened insidePapa Marios at 1189 Bedford Hwy, with falafels and hummus as the feature.

5 Social opened on Friday, replacing Little Fish (lounge area of Five Fisherman) on Argyle St. In a recent post, they describe themselves as
“Where the worlds of sound, mixology, and culinary come together to create an unforgettable experience.”
The Syrian Meat Shop, which left their Gladstone St home a few months ago, will be back. They are working on their new home at 3600 Strawberry Hill
and appears a few changes for the much larger space, including a restaurant area and name change to Syriana Market

Starting a business is worrying at the best of times, and 2020 has not been the best of times.

“The pandemic has left us feeling a different kind of stress than we ever imagined when first starting the construction process,” said Yvonne Scobbie.

“Opening a new business at any time can be stressful and make you nervous, but opening during a pandemic has resulted in many moments of uneasiness about how we’ll navigate through such an uncertain time.”

Scobbie is opening The Osney Cafe with her partner, Graham Wallace, next week in Halifax at 5783 Charles St., at the corner of Agricola Street.

“Graham and I spoke for a few years about how great it would be to one day open our own business,” Scobbie said.

“Graham’s love of good food and cooking started from his parents and led him to a culinary diploma at NSCC, which he followed up with cooking in England for a few years, then returned to Halifax.”

Since his return, he worked front of house for several Halifax-area restaurants, ran a food truck called Under Pressers for a few summers and competed in the Made With Love cocktail competition.

Scobbie’s background is quite different. She worked in retail for about 10 years, then moved on to working in cafes and restaurants in Halifax for the last three years.

“The Osney is a culmination of our love of entertaining, our varied experiences in hospitality and our genuine effort to create a space and product that people will love as much as we do.”

The initial focus will be on breakfast and lunch, initially offering soups, sandwiches and baked goods. Plans include a tapas-style dinner menu in the future. The menu will change with the seasons, use local as much as possible and be made fresh in-house.

“We just want it to be a business that people enjoy, feel comfortable in and will want to continue coming back to,” Scobbie said.

They also want to provide great coffee, and will be using beans from Java Blend, a couple of blocks away.

“COVID put a huge dent in our plans for this year,” said Scobbie.

“We acquired the space at the beginning of the year, and basically right after we got our feet on the ground we were in quarantine. It pushed the construction of our space back months, but we are finally nearly open.”

The Osney name comes from a small island in the Thames in Oxford, England.

“It’s where Graham was born, and it’s also where he proposed to me. It’s a place that’s very special to us both, and we wanted to commemorate that by naming our first business together after it.”

“Other small businesses in Nova Scotia have shown so much resilience this year, and it has encouraged us to continue on.”

You will be able to visit them at 5783 Charles St. at the Corner of Agricola Street. “We’re looking to open as soon as possible. We have a few last-minute things to go over and are hoping to be ready for opening the week of the 23rd of November.”