A new place called Sake is moving into the restaurant space on Granville at Sackville Street. I hear it will have a variety of hot tables, including the return of teppanyaki to HRM.


There is new small furniture and decor store called One of a Kind that has opened in the village shops of Dartmouth Crossing.

The Halloween post, Spirit, is open in the Halifax Shopping Centre Annex and beside Chapters in Dartmouth. At the same time, local Glow has their Halloween stores available in Bayers Lake above Old Navy and on Wilkinson Avenue in Burnside in the building on the hill behind A&W.

Clothing shop ANA + ZAC is now open at 2576 Agricola.

Collectible trading card shop, Strictly Singles has left Almon Street and has found a new home at 3200 Kempt Rd.

At some point, it seems thrift store 2nd Time Around on Glendale in Sackville became a different thrift store called Liked Items.

The former Treaty Gas/Caldwell Convenience on Caldwell Road is now a Wilson’s Gas Stop.

Before their recent expansion, Sherzad and Rouba Ibrahim were already running two locations of Sherzad Tailor Shop, one on Esquire Lane off the Bedford Highway and their first shop in the Halifax Brewery Market.

The tailor shop, which does all sorts of alterations, has built a reputation as a go-to place for bridal alterations. Things have changed at the downtown location, though, as they’ve moved across the hall to a much larger two-floor location and opened a clothing boutique.

“We met 22 years ago in a clothing store. I was a salesperson in a chain clothing store. Rouba was an engineering student who joined our team for a short summer job,” says Ibrahim. “We fell in love.”

Sherzad says he was a salesperson for years, and they owned another boutique together. It was Rouba that encouraged him to train to become a tailor. In 2006 they decided to emigrate to Canada from Syria, which happened in July 2012. In less than a year their first shop was open.

Now they are back in the boutique business with Ruffles and Tassels.

“Our clothes are a blend of clothing styles: no formal, no evening styles. Not fancy and not boring. It is a unique combination of vintage, artsy, casual, Bohemian, trendy, vibrant, sexy, and contemporary without being any,” the couple wrote by email.

“We chose the name Ruffles and Tassels as our designs are mostly influenced by a touch of artistic, and we find both the ruffles and the tassels enhance the beauty of the style itself and reflect the feminine side of clothing.”

They admit it’s helpful to sell clothing in conjunction with owning a tailor shop. While they offer free alterations on what they sell, they say they haven’t had to do a lot yet, because they chose brands that reflect a more realistic female body shape.

They carry regular and plus sizes. They also hope to expand more into men’s clothing, but for now, they just carry some men’s t-shirts

Every couple of years or so I publish a list of 32 restaurants I haven’t tried, then let my social media channels vote on which I should try. This year I committed to trying the top 4 and my ultimate winner was Budapest Bisztro

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