The new building on the corner of Hollis and Bishop will soon be home to Flynn’s Dairy Bar & Convenience. With a focus on over the top milk shakes.

Kenny’s Pizza is opening in the Irving on the corner of Kearney Lake and Parkland

Urban Planet has opened their first metro store on the third floor of Mic Mac Mall where H&M was until they recently opened a new store down one floor. Urban Planet is part of YM Inc. who also operate other stores like West 49, Bluenotes, Suzy Shier, Stitches  and are currently in the process of relaunching Aeropostale stores.

Carlton Cards stores are all closing while there has been no formal news release, stores across Nova Scotia and through further investigation many across Canada are also currently liquidating. The stores were operated by a third party and the cards will continue to be manufactured and sold through other outlets.

Obsolete Records has made their way North and are now open on the corner of Agricola and Bilby they will soon be joined by the second location of a local coffee shop (to be announced later)

It sounds like it will be sometime in March when the Winners/HomeSense in Mic Mac Mall will break up. The Winners will be relocating nearby in the mall on the ground floor in part of what used to be Target. The HomeSense will move to its own free standing location in Dartmouth Crossing where Future Shop used to be by Dollarama.

As the mother of two young children who have been outgrowing their clothes faster than the clothes are worn out, Hattie decided she couldn’t justify spending a pile of money on kids clothing every month.

She figured other people felt the same way, so she decided to open a business, Lil’ Peeps Boutique, specializing in used clothing for children.

“I started Lil’ Peeps as an online store at first in the summer of 2018 kind of as a side gig, something to do at night once the kids were in bed. I was presented with an opportunity for a great commercial space so I took the leap and opened the storefront,” which lends well to what she does.

“I feel with second hand clothes, people need to see the quality before buying it,” Hattie said. Lil’ Peeps has used kids clothing right up to size 16.

Located at 1 McPherson Rd. in Fall River,  just off the Fall River Road, Lil’ Peeps is nestled between a laundromat and a large commercial building on the corner.

“Everyone is trying to do their bit in helping to reduce waste and to recycle. Too many items end up in landfills that could have easily been reused or donated,“ she said.

Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Hattie is a licensed esthetician by trade. She has been living in the Halifax area since 1999 with her husband who grew up in Fall River.

I uploaded a gallery of ads like this from January 1970 here