Earlier this year Blue Harbour Cheese opened at 6 Primrose in Dartmouth and 2020 will bring them a butcher neighbour Vessel Meats who already operates weekends at the Alderney Market and Saturdays at the Historic Brewery Market. Vessel also has a rewards based crowdfunding campaign to help offset some of the upfront costs of opening a permanent retail shop.

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A new coffee shop opening at 2069 Hammonds Plains (at Glen Arbour) called Hub 214. It seems to be part of the Church of Nazarene.

Beautiful Linen (wedding & event decor design and rentals) now has a storefront at 2456 Agricola St

The Compassionate Closet a new curated used clothing store in support of Hospice Halifax is now open at 32 Glendale in Lower Sackville

The HFX Wanderers FC boutique is now open in their new Quinpool home inside the former Video Difference

A slight delay from the original plan but The Cheeky Neighbour is now open on Quinpool where its predecessor Relish used to be.

How Bazaar is leaving their location on Barrington with and End of Lease sale which concludes on the 21st

I wrote this earlier this week for the Chronicle Herald, but yesterday was their grand reopening!

Cape and Cowl Comics & Collectibles first opened its doors in Lower Sackville in 2014 and now it’s time for a move, but not far.

Currently at 536 Sackville Dr., the popular comic-book store is moving only about 400 metres away to 622 Sackville Dr.

“Our first lease is up and we have found a better suited, locally owned location close to the local library,” says owner Jay Aaron Roy, “The new space will be bigger, and have a layout that more suits my original vision, with a more accessible location, including a flat parking lot leading up to the door, automatic main doors, and a fully wheelchair accessible washroom,” he said.

“We’ll have a larger, safe space drop-in and dedicated counselling rooms to be used any day of the week to offer free counseling to youth instead of only on Thursdays,” said Roy.

That is the thing about Cape and Cowl. In its five years of existence it has become a welcoming space and a safe haven.

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“I could write a book there has been so much learning,’ Roy said when asked what he has gleaned over the years from operating the shop. ‘Something special I’ve learned is that the Sackville community, and the people who support Cape and Cowl, have incredible hearts.”

Cape and Cowl has always produced events, from introduction to fantasy dice and card games, to beginners yoga, as well as being a place for fundraisers.

The store will hold its annual Christmas Craft Fair Dec. 21 and 22, at Cape and Cowl’s old location at 536 Sackville Dr.

The shop will be closed this week for the move

and to get everything setup but it will be ready with a big grand re-opening party on Saturday.”

Being the sole person behind Halifax ReTales I like to treat my self to Xmas Staff Party every year and last Wednesday I went out out on small 8 hour tour by myself bringing my ball of lights and little tree everywhere I went

I visited Staggers > Ferry Ride > Little Oak > aFrite >a quick wine sample at Bishop’s Cellar > Lot Six > Tokyo Roll > 2 Crows Brewing > El Chino Snack Bar > and ended the night at Stillwell Freehouse