The former home of Video Difference will soon see new life, it is slated to become the new headquarters for Sports and Entertainment Atlantic and  HFX Wanderers FC, it will also be home to a new retail store for the Wanderers

Antoinette’s Cheesecakes is opening a dessert bar and retail shop on Baker Dr in Dartmouth in the same plaza as Access Nova Scotia, Antoinette’s currently operates inside of The Dill Pickle in the same plaza.

In what is becoming a trend another bubble tea shop has opened, this time it is Swee Tea House which has opened at 1237 Barrington where Uncommon Grounds was. Uncommon Grounds is still open on South Park Street and seasonally in Public Gardens.

The Jessy’s Pizza on Pleasant Street in Woodside has been replaced by a new pizza shop called Coin’s Pizza.

Halifax ReTales Closed

Lucy’s Cafe and Eatery on Waverley Road above Monte’s has closed (it had closed a while back but I had heard it was just temporary so I waited to mention but can confirm it has closed)

The Lacewood location of Burrito Jax has closed (again) a sign says look for us at our new location but no indication of where that is, Burrito still is operating in multiple locations across HRM.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport has had another departure this time the Miller’s Gourmet Kettle Corn shop has closed, a few weeks ago the Pannizza had closed. I do hear though that there are negotiations already in place to bring local brands to those spaces.

A little slow on this one but B&B Security Locksmith closed their Gottingen storefront at the end of July.

While in the former Lucy’s Cafe space, a long term server from The Perfect Pour will be taking some of the staff and opening her own bar called Colleen’s Place, it will open shortly after The Perfect Pour closes on November 17

The former Jamaica Vibes on Spring Garden has reopened as One Love Bar & Restaurant,  according to joint stocks it’s the same owner and the kitchen is also being branded as Jamaica Vibes.

On Nov. 4 1994 a pizza shop opened in Halifax’s Hydrostone district to little fanfare. Jump ahead 25 years and Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria is very much part of the fabric that is peninsular Halifax.

Owner Chris Cuddihy has been under the helm the entire time.

“Our strategy was to focus entirely on food quality. We did very minimal advertising,” Cuddihy told me. “The idea was that our customer base would build solely by word of mouth at a slow but steady pace with our customers genuinely liking us for what we do, not for any reasons of zeitgeist.”

And for those not familiar with Sal’s, what you need to know is that it has pizza in its name but it’s not exactly the everyday pizza you know. Everything is made in house and the menu also rounds out with their legendary hero sandwiches, the garlic-forward Caesar salad and the often-overlooked but amazing cheesecake and cannolis.

Cuddihy adds that they have had “No concern for trends or fads, just stay well read and soldier on.”

He also touts the addition of Michelle Rouleau as driving force in their success. She came on board in January 1997 and became his partner in the business and in life.

“Michelle saw long-term potential for the place, more than I did. She also kept pushing the importance of clear policies and procedures. It took me over 20 years to properly hear that and make it happen,” Cuddihy said

Asked if there are things he knows now that he would have told himself 25 years ago, he said: “When Michelle becomes your partner, listen to her and act on her ideas. She has the best ‘right to wrong ratio’ that I have ever encountered.”

Cuddihy adds: “Don’t be a hero, accept help, act with more confidence, and work-life balance is more important than you think.”

Another thing: “expand as soon as possible.” It wasn’t until 2014 when Sal’s expanded into the space next door, which significantly increased the seating capacity. The change was an immediate success.

Sal’s will hit its silver anniversary next Monday with about as much fanfare as it had when it first opened its doors.