Jugo Juice will be returning to Mic Mac they will be opening beside Tim’s in the food court

The former Schtnizel Bistro on King St in Dartmouth will home of another location of Buta Ramen . You can already find Buta Ramen on Morris Street in Halifax.

Kim Feng a Chinese restaurant has opened at 516 Pleasant St. near the Circumferential Highway

Garrison Brewing has opened their Oxford Taproom on Quinpool Road. Part retail store front part small brewery, a lot of taproom. No food in house but will have occasional pop-ups and encourage you to bring in food from an array of neighbours while you enjoy a pint

American pizza chain Papa John’s has enter the HRM pizza market with the opening of a location at Mill Cove in Bedford. Papa John’s is the fourth largest pizza chain in the world in gross sales behind Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s

Earlier this week home accessory store Bouclair announced it had new investors and would be restructuring. The next day both remaining HRM stores (Dartmouth Crossing & Bayers Lake) posted they are closing with liquidation sales already in place.

The Posh Pearl on Main Street in Dartmouth has already expanded their furniture show room after just opening in September of 2018

Lazeezo in Clayton Park has been re-branded to their new name Charger Burger 

Improv Cafe opened this week in the back of Ratinaud on Gottingen

The remaining Lacewood GoodLife and the women’s only GoodLife inside the Joe Howe Superstore are merging into one facility in the building beside the Superstore next year.

At 72 Gary Martin the residential building across from BMO Centre in Bedford, That’s A Wrap has returned after being closed for a few weeks. The building will also soon be home to La Rozzi Bistro and the OvO Convenience which is convenience store and small Asian grocery is already open.

Quinpool Road is soon going to have the Cheeky Neighbour.

Drew Voegeli operated Relish Gourmet Burgers in the same Halifax spot but it was time for a change.

“I did seven years and it was a really great seven years,” Voegeli said.

“I came into the restaurant business, completely honestly, so naïve. I had never even worked in a restaurant before but took this leap of faith and it was great,” he said.

“That was kind of the training wheels for me, and I wanted to do something different and take the next step into a full-service model.”

They will be “playing with classics.” The Cheeky Neighbour will have daytime brunch until 3 with your usual and some creative brunch dishes, and the regular menu will run from 11 until close with what you would expect from a diner.

“If you want simple good food, that’s what we are aiming for,” said Voegeli.

There will also be a few Halifax-based craft beers on tap.

Voegeli is passionate that it be a neighbourhood place, where you can come in and know you are around people that live there. He is also buoyed about all the changes coming to the Quinpool-Robie corridor and the residents who will be arriving over the next five years, with several construction projects in progress or scheduled.

He said he used the word neighbour in the branding of the restaurant to show he is part of the community, and he does live nearby. The N in the logo has a cat tail and the restaurant has a sophisticated feline as part of its branding as an homage to all the cats that wander that area.

The decor is inviting, with touches of mid-century design combined with modern. There are two tables in the back that are inside what look like neighbouring houses. A few more fun touches will appeal to the ubiquitous selfie-taker.

The Cheeky Neighbour will opened this week only to participate in Taco Week with its Doritos Yolo Taco, essentially a taco salad in a bag of corn chips, then will close for a few days for full staff training, reopening with the full menu at the end of the month.