Looks like Snappy Tomato is opening beside Staples in Bayers Lake

PizzaTown has returned to North End Halifax the new location is now open on Young St (at Monaghan)

It has been “coming soon” for like 18 months but the Crispy Leaf Salad Shop has opened at the Airport before security

A new sushi spot has opened on Salter Street, Hokkai is located right at the corner of Barrington underneath 2 Doors Down

Adda Indian Eatery has replaced Mediterranean spot The Rhys in the basement of Spring Garden Place

That pop-up Frenchy’s on Wyse Road that opened last month  and was expected to stay open until the fall has already packed up and closed.

Lush in Mic Mac Mall is closed for a while as it undergoes a major renovation.

The newest version of the Gahan House has opened its doors in the Nova Centre

Verano has updated their hours for the summer and are now open for brunch service on Saturdays and they are now licensed.

After five years on Quinpool Road in Halifax, the Deck Box is making its way downtown.

Owners Joshua Pyle-Carter and Rachel Carter are moving their gaming store to 1980 Brunswick St. this weekend and will be open at the new location on Canada Day.

When the Deck Box opened in 2014, it focused on trading card games like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon but it has evolved to include role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, and table-top games like Warhammer.

The lease on its Quinpool Road space was coming due and the store was at capacity anyway, so they made the decision to move to a larger space. “We get a product in that is two inches by two inches and we have nowhere to put it,” says Carter.

“With the up scale in size, there are a lot of things we want to do to fill that void,” Pyle-Carter said.

When the shop opened, a new release of a new series of cards would attract 20 or 30 people. The last time there was a release, he says, 300 people showed up over two days and they had to turn people away because there just wasn’t enough room to accommodate everyone.

The new location doubles the ability to host tournaments and events. At the Quinpool Road shop they would have a maximum to host 36 people but in the new location they can easily fit 60 to 70 guests.

The new location can also easily be separated and used for private functions and special events. Pyle-Carter said they are always thinking of ideas to build the community.

They had successful events already with Dungeons and Flagons, which they hosted at Good Robot Brewing. Pyle-Carter also mentioned that he would like to set up a wine tasting to go along with teaching parents how to play Pokemon. Carter said Pokemon teaches great education skills, “reading comprehension, math, critical thinking, thinking a couple moves ahead and kids don’t realize it.”

Both owners had nothing but praise for their customers and the community that builds from connections made within their walls. Carter said she has talked to patrons who have started friendships and weekly get togethers in their own home from connections they made playing in store. Of course those customers keep coming back to buy new modules, figures, cards etc. to enhance their game play at home, from the retail part of the business.

They say their clientèle is varied from all walks of life, from kids to middle-aged professionals. They have customers that come to them from all over the Maritimes and have quite a few customers from further away that return when their work brings them back to town.

In a bit of retro nostalgia, Au Coton has returned and has opened a shop on Amherst Street in Montreal, but if you are wanting for that piece of your past you can also order online.