District 5 Bar & Grill is opening on King St in Dartmouth between Queen and Ochterloney where community services was .

North Brewing Company will be opening their retail portion at 899 Portland on June 15 and launching “We Do Helium” beer the same day.

Something called “1862” is opening at 1675 Granville at the back of The Halifax Club and will mark the return of teppanyaki tables

Filipino takeout and grocery, Meats and Mix 2 Go is now open on Herring Cove Rd near Melville Heights

Naan-N-Curry is now open on Quinpool beside the Royal Bank at Oxford

Le Chateau has setup a temporary clearance store in the Village Shops at Dartmouth Crossing

Cafe Good Luck (145 Portland) is now open Thursday-Saturday evening for dinner service

The Stubborn Goat Beer Garden is now open for the season on the Waterfront

Denny’s was coming to Wilkinson at Wright in Burnside in the Sandman Hotel being built. And then it wasn’t. But now it is again and with a Denny’s bar! The original timeline was summer 2019 but not sure what timeline is now.

Amie Cunningham started Thief & Bandit 10 years ago and it has evolved to the point where she has opened a production and retail space in downtown Halifax.

Thief & Bandit designs, produces and sells women’s and children’s clothing. The fabric is fashioned into items like dresses, pants, leggings, jackets, tops, intimates and bathing suits.

“The idea behind the name Thief & Bandit is that inspiration is everywhere and as artists we take from wherever we can find out inspiration,” Cunningham said

The business was originally started in Virginia but Cunningham moved closer to her parents seven years ago when she started a family. Because of its origins, she said she has a strong following of customers both here in Canada and in the United States.

“(It) starts with print design.” The designs, with nature themes, are screen-printed in-house on fabrics like organic cotton jersey and raw silk.

When she found her new space — on the second floor at 1673 Barrington St. in Halifax above Highwayman restaurant/bar — she knew it was perfect for a showroom.

Cunningham said it’s time for a retail space so she can expand and interact with her customers. It lets her show customers how things are made on site.

“It’s like an atelier,” she said.

The retail/production space gives customers the opportunity to ask for some customization and have a piece made to order.

“It’s nothing for us to do that,” Cunningham said. “It’s special, too. Not only is it hand-made but it was made for your body.”

There was one thing that was very clear from talking to Cunningham is she loves what she is doing and is ready to embrace this next evolution of her brand. Thief & Bandit is open Tuesday through Saturday.

New Brunswick is going to allow beer to be sold in 66 grocery stores this fall