Alright, sometimes it is good to take a moment and pat yourself on the back. Now that yesterday’s blog is posted, I can share (brag) that was five years of Sunday recaps on the blog. Five Years! Okay, I missed two weeks when Sunday fell between Christmas and New Years and there really was not much to write, but I have written a few midweek updates so it balances out.

That is five years of building an archive that we can use to look things up, five years of keeping track of what happens in this city five years of connecting with you. Had I sat down in May 2013 and said I am going to write an update every week for 5 years I probably would not have started. What I did do is change my social media strategy and then use that to easily reference back to write the update every week; from there it has now just become second nature.

I continue to be amazed by the support and participation of you the people who read and contribute to madness; I do not intend to slow anytime soon so I look forward to writing another one of these in 2023