A Sobeys Express/Shell is going in on Ruth Goldbloom. (@ Dunbrack across from Wilson’s/Farnham Gate) There is also a possibility of an NSLC Express as well.

Speaking of NSLC Express, the new one on Wright Avenue (@ Wilkinson) in Burnside opened this week.

Vegan restaurant The Red Lunchbox is scheduled to open on Quinpool beside Aerobics First on Wednesday.

The Starbucks on Wyse Rd. in the DoubleTree hotel is now open.

It also sounds like Starbucks is opening a new location on Quinpool in the development “The Keep” on the corner of Vernon. The Trail Shop will be moving there later this year, and it will also be home to the 3rd location of Morris East.

The Smiling Goat Coffee opened their latest location in The Maple (Hollis at Sackville)

Brown Bag Lunch Co. is opening on the bottom of Wright Ave. Where Starfresh/StockPot was, the owners previously ran Tooks on Cook in Victoria BC for over a decade.

Pleasant St Chinese restaurant icon Hing Wing has retired and closed up the restaurant.

Bench in Mic Mac Mall closed suddenly this week, and the Calendar Club at Mic Mac did not have their lease renewed for a year-round operation as they have for the last 5.

Icing has closed their store in Dartmouth Crossing.

Urban Kids in Bayers lake has closed. (Mic Mac store still open)

The Mattress store in Dartmouth Shopping Centre is moving to Young St across from the Forum where Bike by Dave was.

Cara (Harveys, Montana’s, Swiss Chalet, St Hubert, Milestone, BierMarkt, East Side Mario’s. Prime Pubs, Casey’s, Kelsey’s, New York Fries) has bought The Keg.
Ardene in Bayers Lake has now relocated to the strip mall across from Superstore where the Gap outlet is.

Sunwich Cafe has been told their lease will not be renewed and Dartmouth Crossing plans to bring in a national brand to replace them. Sunwich is looking for a new location but will be open in their current spot until Feb 24

The Daily Grind behind Lululemon on Spring Garden has installed a BitCoin bank machine.

If you have a long overdue book or large fines at the Halifax Regional Library, you can go in until Feb 11 and have your slate wiped clean!