Buta Ramen now open on Morris (where Hamachi was)

Tang Shun Chinese Cuisine is close to opening on Larry Uteck; it is going in where Hamachi Mura was.

The Levi’s store in Halifax Shopping Centre is now open.

Hammonds Plains at Pockwock where the old Baileys/Kwikway was is now Humble Hippy/Rob’s Farm Market. It is a cool new little shop Christmas trees out front, lobster in the back. Veggies, handmade soap, reclaimed wood and iron decor and amazing Bread and Butter pickles. It’s like a mini farmer’s market! They said they would be adding a food counter with soup, sandwich and waffles.

The Pannizza at the airport has opened.

Street Level at the new Scotia Square facade is starting to take shape, Halifax Transit has opened an indoor waiting room. And NSLC will be opening an Express store.

Wolfville Farmer’s Market has 2 Go service which you can order online and then pick up on Wednesdays in Tantallon, Rockingham and Montebello. $5 fee

Rock Candy Boutique is closing their Prince St hole in the wall. I have to say this is one of my favourite partings, No blame on anyone just it’s time to go thanks for the ride.

The first Tim Hortons in Nova Scotia is being rebuilt again, the location at 153 Wyse will be closed at the end of the month. The plan is to redevelop that piece of land with a new building that has a drive-thru.

A couple of months ago I mentioned a Taiyaki spot was opening “somewhere in North End Halifax” well Taiyaki 52 is opening about 50m from the North End in the spot to the right of Inkwell Boutique on Brunswick at Cogswell., in the spring.

Signs are up on the Cabela’s Dartmouth Crossing but I checked, and they don’t expect to open until May  (originally had heard March)

Formerly Acadian Fish Chips on Hammonds Plains is now Acadiano’s Family Restaurant.

It looks like Solo Vera Lounge is moving from Dartmouth Shopping Centre to the plaza behind No Frills.

Earth Goddess on Kaye at the Hydrostone is moving to the new building on Demone/Robie where Attica is. Closes Dec 29 reopens in February. Their neighbour’s Waffle Love already closed and the building will be coming down for a new home for Julien’s.

I was reading the NSLC 2017 Year End numbers (their year ends March 31) and here were the top performing stores by sales

If you then looked at the numbers from a perspective of what stores sell the most of a category. So Kennetcook only did $843k in total sales. A customer was most likely to buy beer more so than any other store. It’s also interesting to see South Shore like Spirits and Industrial Cape Breton like Beer.

MTY Group acquired Imvescor (Pizza delight/Baton Rogue) and now own all of these brands.