The second full location of Quinpool’s Heartwood Restaurant is now open on Gottingen St. near the Hydrostone

 Vandal Doughnuts are up and running inside of Gus’s Pub on Agricola. Currently, they are serving burgers and sandwiches; the doughnuts will be rolling out soon though.

In In the things, I missed category, this summer. The Painted Attic opened on Hammonds Plains Rd by Bloom Greenhouse; They offer home decorating items including higher end paints and project workshops.

At Kings Wharf, cocktail bar The Watch That Ends The Night is now open their sister store Sidecar Goods will be coming soon. Kings Wharf as well will be adding Lucky Cat Barbershop.

There is a new Chinese restaurant at 622 Sackville Dr. called Jasmine where Tasty Source used to be. Tasty Source is still open on the Bedford Highway.

Giggles Pizza is opening on Main St where Pizza Town was by Forest Hills Parkway. Giggles is the same as the folks who run Giggle takeout the ice cream stand beside the Alderney Ferry

In Rothesay, NB for over a decade ladies wear and Merle Norman distributor Boutique Zekara is now open on Agricola (at May)

It sounds like The Keg will be opening in Dartmouth Crossing in 2018 not exactly sure what piece of land. This will be the second one to come to Dartmouth. There was one behind McDonald’s on Portland St for a few years in the late 80s/early 90s.

There is a slew of craft show next weekend with the big ones being the 42nd annual Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council show at Pier 23 and Seaside Christmas all along the Eastern Shore. There are smaller shows all over town see the list here.
In North End Halifax Tuesday night the Foggy Goggle is having the Pop Upstairs Market of local artisans and Saturday evening THe North by Night Market returns to the Cyclesmith/NSLC parking lot on Agricola.

Pc Plus and Shoppers Optimum are merging into 1 loyalty program on Feb 1called PC Optimum, PC point seem to be worth 1 to 1 and Shoppers 1.25 to 1. Shoppers will be hosting a live Q&A on their Facebook stream Monday at 12:30

A local startup Faire Child Weatherwear has a Kickstarter to help give them an upfront boost of cash.  They are making children’s rainwear from recycled material.

and a shout out to Cooke Store Fixtures who again this are sponsoring this post