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Stockpot Cafe,Mill Cove May Garden and The Lab

Posted: July 2, 2017
Category: ReTales
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I thought this update was going to be all Taco related, but we ran into some red tape and it I hate to say had to cancel Taco Fest on July 4th.

Stockpot Cafe is opening on Wednesday where Starfresh was on the bottom of Wright Ave. in Burnside.

The May Garden at Mill Cove in Bedford has opened, and it's fancy.

Taiwanese dessert chain Zenq coming to new Southport building, 1057 Barrington

The Toothy Moose has closed and will be replaced by "The Lab" which will have a laboratory theme with, white coats and bubbling drinks.

I see the Town Shoes part is gone from The Shoe Company in Dartmouth Crossing, and I hear Town Shoes will be leaving Halifax Shopping Centre next month

Wong's Wok which I reported closed on the Bedford Highway last month, reopened this week.

Dartmouth Crossing updates, a piece of the frame is up for the Cabela's scheduled to open next Spring, and they broke ground on the DQ beside Starbucks opening in the Fall.

The Superstore bell is back at Portland Street.

And finally Kari Dunphy in St. John's crocheted this magical Big Mary meal as a submission for a Mary Brown's art contest

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