The old Robins Donuts on North St. is going to be an unnamed Portuguese Chicken joint (One of my favourite things), the folks from EDNA are involved.

The Daily Grind has new owners, have reopened the space and are serving up Anchored Coffee on Birmingham St

Benny’s Burgers opened their vegan burger cart in front of the old Spring Garden Library this week.

A cafe and quick lunch spot Grounded from the folks at Gahan House will be opening in Historic Properties in the spot recently vacated by Two if by Sea.

The Captain’s Boil (Cajun style seafood) is now open on Spring Garden in the former Pizza Delight.

Tin Pan Alley and Tonari Sushi are now open in the new and bright section of the Scotia Square Food Court

Sarah’s Pizza opened on the corner of Victoria and Albro Lake.

Canadian retailer Mastermind Toys is finally making it’s way east with 2 location scheduled for this Autumn. They are listed as “Halifax” and “Dartmouth,” but I think the Dartmouth one is in the old Dartmouth Crossing Future Shop.

Bay B Boutique, who sell gently used kids items is opening a second store on Portland St. Downtown Dartmouth. Their first store on Novalea will continue.

Bubba Rays Spring Garden closed its doors, (Moncton also recently closed). The Bedford Bubba Rays will be moving across the street beside Dooly’s. Bayer’s Rd is unchanged.

Mappins in Mic Mac has closed. No clearance sale. Warranties etc. honoured at their sister store Peoples. I was told they are closing after the mall requested the space for “mall renovations” and they decide to just go with Peoples

The Stillwell Beergarden and Dairy Bar are now open for the season, on Spring Garden/South Park

Parker Street Food Bank’s, Great Things in Store are opening a larger store at Woodlawn mall in the former ground floor of the Medical Centre

Backoo’s To Go, on Birmingham who was having some confusion about its future, has worked, everything out. They will be closing May 29 for a few months and then reopen in a newly renovated space in September. In the meantime, you can visit their other location by The Mount and they will also be having a popup at the Stillwell Beergarden.

Long time Spring Garden Area shop P’lovers is making a move they will close up their South Park shop this month, and be back at in July when they open their new Gottingen St. store in the new St.Joesph’s Square, by the Hydrostones

I expect that Rinaldo’s Italian Eatery (on Windsor) and Chainyard Cider/Unchained Kitchen (Agricola at North)  both will be opening this week.

Cheese Curds/Habaneros will be opening at the Truro Power Centre

If you have friends and family in the Toronto that are missing donairs and garlic fingers let them know that and Alexandra’s Pizza is opening in July on Yonge St. in Richmond Hill.

Chinese owned, but Japanese styled retailer Mini-So opened its first Canadian store in Vancouver this month and said it plans to open 30-50 more in the next 12 months and have 500 in across Canada in 10 years. With that many stores, it’s a matter of when and not if a store will open here.