Foreign Affair has closed their Barrington St location and consolidated to the one spot on Spring Garden

Le Bon Cafe/Bonne Cuisine in Spring Garden Place’s basement has closed. Not a surprise with Starbucks at street level.

Woody’s BBQ in Dartmouth Crossing has closed.

Foxhill Cheese is moving their main Halifax location at the Seaport Market to Robie St. They will open Foxhill Cheese and Mexican Deli in the former PCMedic just south of Almon.

Cavicchi’s Meats now has a storefront at 5411 St. Margarets By Rd in Tantallon and they have house made pepperoni.

The Rusty Zipper: a “high-end” consignment store now open in the strip mall behind Disco Deli on Sackville Drive

Payless has filed for bankruptcy protection, at this point, only 10% of their 4400 worldwide stores are expected to close. However, Canadian operations will be untouched and the new store at Halifax Shopping Centre will still open.


Il Mercato has finished their indoor renovation and have reopened, the new patio will be ready next month

The Nook on Gottingen who was scheduled to close today has found a new owner and will continue on!

Sunrise Records has confirmed they are taking over the former HMV space in Mic Mac (but not HSC)


Scarborough: Costco opened their first Business Centre store in Canada. If this one works they have a plan to go “Across Canada” by 2022. Geared to supply for business, 80% of the product is different. Restaurant supplies, large quantities of things.Gone are the single item consumer things like electronics, clothing books etc. And no $1.50 HotDogs but you can buy a $5000 Hot Dog street cart.

The Lunenburg Makery is expanding, another reason for a road trip this summer


Free Gelato Saturday the 15th at both Humani-T, donations accepted for Hope for Wildlife



Sobeys has a pilot program at the Mumford Rd store. Foods near best before dates (but still safe to consume) will be donated to food banks, shelters, and soup kitchens.

Spring is officially here now that King Street Fish and Chips (Frans) has returned to Downtown Dartmouth