Bicycle manufacturer, Giant in conjunction with Bedford’s, Bicycle Plus is opening a store at the corner of Sackville and Dresden Row.

A land amendment application has been made to allow the Sobeys on First Lake in Sackville to add an NSLC.

Longtime Almon St fixture Nova Trophy is moving to Chain Lake Dr.

The CherryBerry on Quinpool which said it had changed to seasonal, won’t be reopening.

Sushi, You and Me in the Scotia Square food court, has closed, Mama Gratti’s is just having a quick renovation.


If you are of a certain Halifax vintage you likely would have had a Cousin Smoothy’s reversible shorts, well the next generation has decided to bring back the family business. For now, you can find them at

West 49 and Bluenotes in Mic Mac are swapping spaces while their sister store Stitches has converted to Urban Kids.

The Robins Donuts on North Street has now closed, in the autumn, they were going close but then said they would take it month to month.


Cafe 98 on Portland St.opened this week.

Nine Locks Brewery on Waverley Rd. started selling suds this week.

Dominos opened their new location on Novalea; this means delivery is available to the peninsula again


A list of the 25 most productive ($ sales annually/sq.ft) Canadian malls was released this week. Number 1 was Yorkdale in Toronto at $1610, the only one making the list at this end of the country was Halifax Shopping Centre in 25th at $783

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurant list is out for 2016, Congrats to Gottingen Street neighbours Edna (49) and Field Guide (52). The only other NS restaurant was Lunenburg’s, Fleur De Sel (65)


The Starbucks in Sydney has opened, and reports are it is quite popular.

New Glasgow’s Mings will serve for the last time on May 22nd.

The King of Donair pop up was so popular in Calgary that, Banff cancelled the popup expected there Saturday citing fear of crowd control.


Over at Eat This Town, there is a profile on an NS favourite, Garlic Fingers including a taste sampling that we did.