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Some Vintage Ads

Posted: December 10, 2015
Category: Retro
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IN 1982 Bedford residents got SEVEN digit dialing and no longer long distance to their neighbours


Woody wasn't even named yet


Funny that they didn't settle on IKEA name 1976 this was the 1st IKEA in North America "Scandinavian Furnishing Ltd.


1978 I have no recollection of a restaurant, where the fair sets up on Wyse


1985 Halifax Shopping Centre's answer to Woody, I remember this guy not respecting personal space


1985 KOD Breaksfast? Where Alexandria's on Queen is today


1978 this converts to $10.12/lb in today's money


Nieforth has had the same style for a long time

parklane opening day

This i sthe list of stores that were in Park Lane on opening day in 1988


1982 Dinner for 2 $5.92 including your drink! that's a Festive Special

A listing of Midnight Madness deals at Mic Mac 1985

A listing of Midnight Madness deals at Mic Mac 1985

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