The Shawarma Stop on Argyle is now open, while around the corner on Blowers Johnny K’s and Dandelion Cafe are getting closer to opening. unnamed unnamed (1)T

Take it down another block or so and the house on Blowers across from MEC is going to be a takeout for Tomavino’s and Grand Taj for 2 years. The 2 South St. restaurants are being displaced as that south St. Block is redeveloped. When the new building is done Grand Taj and and Tomavino’s will move back to South and have shiny new restaurants.

The unit beside  Starbucks on Larry Uteck is going to be a second metro location for Relish. Plans are to open early next month.

Not 100% sure here, but it appears long time Quinpool fixture Kings Palace has closed.The doors have been locked all week and the phone number disconnected.

Freeman’s L’il New Yorker  newest location, in Sackville opens it’s doors tomorrow.

On Monday I went to the Dartmouth South candidates meet and greet, vote on Tuesday if you live in Dartmouth South.Before hand though I was at the Wooden Monkey in Alderney Landing, at a table nearby a server approached them and handed a patron an envelope saying, when they were in a few months ago they obviously had left too much cash, and he was hoping they would come back so they could return the money.


What’s behind the paper on Cunard? Its a Cambodian inspired restaurant from Saronn’s Kitchen. who has been making fresh Spring Rolls at a few of the markets over the last couple years


Grocery pick up? Both Loblaws (Toronto) and Walmart (Ottawa) now have trials running, where you order your groceries online and then drive up and it’s put in your car. The service is $3.

Primal Kitchen opened on Brenton St., I had a chance to try it. Quite good but leave your vegan at home.

Craig Flinn is opening another spot, Temple Bar it will be be located between his other 2 restaurants, Chives and 2 Doors Down. The focus on this one is expected to be all about the cocktail.Expected in September.

Fantasie Music“will be opening a musical instrument store in place of the former Maritime Frame It on Spring Garden Rd.


Halifax Shopping Centre $70M reno, shift to higher end retailers but across the street they have that sketchy staircase that is always dirty. People describe this staircase as “feels rapey” “always smells of Pee” and “Nope, won’t use it”