Change of Pizza.Fairview Pizza is now Velos Pizza and Dino’s 2for1 on Wyse is now Snappy Tomato

Bicycles return to Quinpool, after both Cyclesmith and Halifax Cycle departed last year for new North End homes.Long Alley Bicycles are scheduled to open behind Aerobics First today.

The Future Shop’s in New Glasgow and New Minas closed this week.

10427340_1062509680442230_4615895736968513735_nBoutique Joliette is closing up as the owner is moving to Ontario.


Snow + flat roofs = chaos. Many Canadian Tires, strip malls, Cole Harbour Place and even Scotiabank Theatre have experienced(ing) closures, due to snow concerns this week.

The first Target in metro is scheduled to close with the Mic Mac Mall location posting 10 days to go signs yesterday.