Slowish week in retail.

Looks like the Pizza Delight closure on Spring Garden Rd isn’t happening now, but maybe it will later this year? For the meantime at least East Side Marios is not coming downtown as quickly as anticipated, though this is still expected to happen later this year.


It’s not a big fancy sign, but is confirmation that UO is opening, near the corner of Sackville St

Panada Pizza is moving from their Primrose St home to the new colourful building in Highfield.

1526460_1039108882782310_8834077014834614313_nWhen the Starbucks in the Ferry Terminal closed the word was it was to help facilitate the repairs to the sewage line under the building.Starbucks then put up a paper sign saying that it was closed for the season.Fast forward a few months and all semblance of Starbucks has been removed, all the menu boards inside, the exterior sign. The only way you would know it was a Starbucks is that printedsign that says it was closed for the season.
It has even been removed from the corporate website.
I don’t think it’s coming back!

Last week I reported that the Tim Hortons on Langbrae was closing at the end of February, the operator contacted to tell me that  it was a lie so I retracted the statement on social media and was planning to retract it here. However staff we’re informed Friday that the store is closing in April.

Games People Play have moved from their spot on Barrington beside the Discovery Centre to a new home above Burrito Jax on Blowers.