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Winding up 2014

Posted: December 21, 2014
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Pita Pit will be opening a location in Burnside beside the new Starbucks on Windmill.

Turbine is closing their Bishops Landing location at the end of the month. this comes as no surprise since the Lisa Drader Murphy store opened a few piers north in Historic Properties, and the new Turbine store in Sunnyside.

Chapel Hill on Spring Garden is closing up shop this month as well.


I posted pics of 36 Halifax Corner stores in 1972 , Click the pic for more


Allison Saunders at The Coast compiled a list of the opens and closes this year with help from this blog, and Halifax had another good year HERE

I'm on my way to Montreal, and there usually aren't any major updates this week coming so I will ruin my weekly streak and make this a 2 week update.
See you in the New Year

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