Another successful City Harvest went by yesterday, great to see folks out and about enjoying the best of our city.

The Carrot  opened yesterday a project I have been volunteering with for a while, it was very satisfying to open the doors and bring fresh market idea to Gottingen.

Nestle Toll House at Spring Garden and Queen seems to have closed as of Thursday.

A coffee house the Darkside Cafe is coming to residential part of Windmill Rd

The Starbucks on the Burnside part  of Windmill Rd opened this week.

JoeLees cafe is opening in the St Lawrence development on Dutch Village Rd.

Robie St Station the all day breakfast restaurant opened where janes on the common used to be .

KFC in Tantallon closed and already signs up that a Mary Browns is coming soon.

The Colby Beverage Room has changed its name to The British Bulldog Gastro Pub.

Hillcrest VW was purchased by the O’Reagan’s group