A special Monday morning update as so much came up yesterday



First the terrible fire that cost Ravensburg College, RCR Hospitality (parent of Onyx, Bistro le Coq, Waterfront Warehouse. The Arms and Cut) and National Art (parent of Maritime Frameit) their HQ’s

A few new things happening on Quinpool. Shawarma Stop has popped up where Extreme Pita was , and across the street where Halifax Cycle was is now the DeckBox, a Pokemon, Magic and YuGiOh shop.

Also on Quinpool, Beads R Us are starting their liquidation as they are closing up the business.

Maritime Pasty makers of tasty donuts and Cornish pastys in the Seaport,announced that the weekend of October 4th is their last, they lost their commercial kitchen at he Forum due to renos and have decided to follow their family to Toronto.

The Seahorse is officially moving from their Argyle St home to the basement of the Marquee on Gottingen. I reported this at the beginning of August but at the time it was denied with the vague statement “The Seahorse will never close”. Well now its a reality, but you cant move an icon! Over the last 25 years the Seahorse had already morphed from its original roots as just an underground dive to it’s current self as a concert bar. Moving it does not make the new location The Seahorse, the seahorse is those rounded doors on Argyle St. You can’t put the 78th Highlanders on Geiser’s Hill at the transmission towers in Fairview and call it the Citadel, it just doesn’t work that way. I look forward to having the new venue in my neighbourhood but I think its silly to call it the Seahorse.