A courtesy drink while you wait, a coffee, a tea, a soda maybe a beer? Well there are many places that have offered drinks while you wait or are spending time in a retail establishment. This has been common practice at fine Menswear stores, Bridal Salons, higher end Hair Salons, Photography Studios, Event Planners and many more for years, However today the working mans hero the Barber was the subject of police visits. Saint Lou’s and Sailor Bups have both been offering  a complimentary beverage including beer while you wait, I personally have never taken up the opportunity when offered, but it is a nice touch to treat customers as you would friends. Both Barbershops made the proper inquiries with licensing board and we’re told they didn’t need one.
However HPD had an “anonymous” complaint about the Barbers and today the Barbers were asked to stop offering beer.

I hope this is just a temporary mistake and the tradition of treating customers like friends can continue, we need more of that in our lives not less.