ReTales Aug 18-24

Dollarama in Halifax Shopping Centre closes today, originally I had heard it was closing in the fall and moving to replace Pennington’s. Lawtons will be moving in the Dollarama space. However Pennington’s staying put and Dollarama just disappearing. I have also heard, if staff wants to go to other stores or new Dartmouth Crossing store (or the strongly rumoured Lacewood store)  they have to apply like everyone else (but that part is unverified).

Bubba Rays too opened in the former Red Fox and people say it looks pretty good.

Marshalls opened in Bayers Lake.

Scanway Cafe opened on Grafton and they are also serving from the rooftop above Sicilian, The roof top and quality pizza really adds a new element to going to Pizza Corner. Also their Boozy Milkshakes are fantastic.



The new Tim’s on Spring Garden is calling itself a “coffee house” now

The Village Green and Moe’s have been saved and will continue in Sunnyside Mall, however sister store Tweed and Hickory in Dartmouth Crossing is still going to close.

Moda on Dresden is being replaced by Forbidden City, I had originally heard that it was going to be multi Asian fusion, but it turns out it will be just Chinese and I am excited to see the “authentic” part of the menu

In NSRetales: Carriage House and  China King in Port Hawkesbury served a 2 day license suspension this weekend, for being a pop up strip club last December.

and of course 10 digit dialling is going into effect, but that mean a part of Halifax dies with it 902-429-6666 just doesn’t have the same single appeal.

and lets end the week with some signage fun .