Usually I only update on Sundays, but this Sunday produced enough info to produce it’s own info, more than I get some weeks in February 🙂


A little amusement at Atlantic Wholesalers

A little amusement at Atlantic Wholesalers


-The PetCetera in Dartmouth Crossing is being replaced by a Dollarama, also in Dartmouth Crossing David’s Bridal opens today

-Not 100% but 99% that Canadian Tire is building a smaller format store (like Tantallon) by Sobeys in Elmsdale

-Cafe l’Acadi has closed its Truro location and will be reopening by months end on Bedford Highway at Larry Uteck. Has that NB Diner feel complete with Spaghetti and Garlic Toast.

-Reflections is expected to be in its new Salter St home for Aug 14th (the space that was the pool hall for so many years) . I wonder if they will be able to create the memorable aesthetic they have in their current washrooms.

-This weekend a thread appeared over on The Halifax Reddit!, some one found a less than welcome guest in their meal


You can read the whole thread here dont_eat_food_from_alexandras_pizza .I brought attention on my Twitter feed and here is the original poster on Reddit and Alexandra’s responses


alex2I’d say that Alexandra’s and maybe all of them have some customer service work to do , but I am sure if you complain publicly its just a smear campaign.


This interesting video from the 1989 Pride Parade also surfaced

interesting how much the theme of the parade has change, also interesting to the see the streetscapes from 25 years ago