Last weekend had lots of stories so I had a  Monday Update make sure you read that if you want a full weeks update, but here is the rest of the week.


Picnic Halifax launched, which is  a restaurant that pops up in different places, and to be part of it you have to register

The NSLC announced its 7 new agency stores and one was issued to serve the Peggys Cove  area, the owner of the Sou’Wester will have one in his Indian Point , Whalesback Convenience.

Nine West will be opening a dedicated store in Mic Mac Mallnine_west

Marshalls Halifax will open on Aug 21.

I tried the Ham Hero at Salvatore’s and it was delicious Switching on a Favourite


SuperStore started carrying Waygu beef, $132.25/kg


Home Outfitters will all be re-branded as Hudson’s Bay Home



New Shell sign on Robie at North, I’m not sure I want them to open at those prices


CycleSmith has their sign upon their soon to be Agricola St homw where the NSLC stood for years (the NSLC built a new one right behind that)

and for those that stuck to the end Zara has announced it plans a large expansion in Canada and Halifax Shopping Centre has 2 large spaces available, I’m not saying it is happening but …

and 2 years ago on the blog I announced Forever 21 was coming to Mic Mac, and 1 year ago on the blog it was confirmed by Mic Mac.