The weather looks like it’s going to be co-operative, Yay!

We all have a stack of books at home that we are never going to revisit for one reason or another, Maybe you are not a re-reader, maybe you have run out of space.
However there is a good chance that someone else near you would love to have those books.
Of course you could just be making room for the fabulous books you are going to find.

So on June 7th 2014 as part of the inaugural 100 in 1 Day Halifax¬† why not put your books on your front steps, at the end of you driveway, on the garden wall …

and quite possibly we may end up with the largest book exchange in history!

There are prizes up for grabs for registered users !
Books from Nimbus Publishing and Woozles, 2 thsirts from Lost Cod Clothing Co and 2 $20 Gift Certificates from Salvatores.
prizes will be drawn from user registered by 10 am on the day of the event

Just click¬† How Do I Participate? om HFXBookSwap’s page

Thanks Arthur