So more changes a foot at HSC?

I reported in last weekends recap that the long rumoured H&M does not have HSC listed as one of it’s 2014 store openings.

Then the rumour that Dollarama was moving out of the main mall and across the street to the Annex where Penningtons currently is. However there is no word on what is happening to Penningtons . This rumour was further authenticated by the appearance of this rendering on Facebook.


But that just started morewondering, because it was already announced that NSLC would leave HSC and they are LAwtons neighbours.


that opens a significantly sized store space. Now the rumour also persists that Food Court is moving downstairs to where the Bowling Alley was. It has also been said  that HSC are negotiong with a major retailer that is currently not in our market . What makes it even more interesting is there is room for a 2 floor store. IF you move the garbage and a receiving door from that corner. Though I admit I might be grasping there .