The Year is 1964 the City of Halifax , most of the 94 000 residents were living on the peninsula, the Mayor is Charles A, Vaughan, residents were paying a 2.35% propert tax rate while commercial entities were coming in at 5.1%. 1964 marks a dark time in Halifax, the Rose Report is released and voted on 37 out of 41 to implement, but this meant the relocation of Africville. On Hollis St, Robert Stanfield is serving his 3rd term as Premier of NS and it also marks the year that our current Premier Stephen McNeil was born. The warmest day of the year was July 16 coming in 29C while the warmest month was August with and average daily of high of 20C! The coldest day was Feb 28 at -18C and the longest cold streak where the temperature did not go above 0C was 9 days in January.

The Restaurant and Bar Scene was fully alive,  I could find 132 places to get a drink or bite,  6 of them are still standing in the same spot today (Armview, Ardmore, Look Ho Ho, Willmans, Seahorse and Town & Country featuring Kentucky Fried Chicken). KFC was the only chain restaurant. Other names still exist like the Midtown, Oasis and the Nova Scotian (Westin) and Lord Nelson has places to eat. Other spots the building are still restaurants like Swiss Charcoal BBQ which is now the Athens on Quinpool, and Fries & Co was Chebucto Fish and Chips. I created a Google Map of all these listings.


Clicking on this pic will open up the Google map with all the restaurant details


There were lots of places to go on Agricola and Gottingen and over the last couple years that trend is coming back with so many great eateries fitting back in that neighbourhood, Chinese and Fish and Chips seemed to dominate the landscape though.


I put together this list with the use of the City Directories, Old News Papers &
A great thanks to the Nova Scotia Archives and Spring Garden Library for having a way to look into our pas

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