Since Junk Removal seems to be a craze you have all kinds of ads on Kijiji

but in particular this has caught my attention

WeeDump1I like how they say 97% of the junk is ReCycled, ReUsed or or RePurposed, and lots is given to charity but why do they charge you a tipping fee the charities don’t charge you? and only 3% is garbage we should have them running HRM Waste

Then recently they have been running this “witty” ad as well

WeeDump2but now here comes my concern as I noticed this


They have retail location in Burnside it’s a store full of the valuable stuff they would have taken from houses, like furniture, stemware, electronics, and they are selling it in their own store. The ads indicate that charities will benefit, but something doesn’t seem quite on the up and up. If they are selling stuff directly.