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Opinion: Halifax Commonwealth Games

Posted: January 23, 2014
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6 months from today are the opening ceremonies of the 2014

Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Glasgow UK after Halifax pulled out.
The games would have left a legacy sport in our city, increased tourism, and hopefully improved transit. The  Canada Games showed we are ready to embrace legacies in the form of the well used Canada Games Centre and the Commons Oval. As well snow making improvements at both Wentworth and Martock.

We would have had Shannon Park converted to Commonwealth Park with a Stadium and Housing in the forum of the athletes village. Improvements to the Forum, Metro Centre, Wanders Grounds, Mainland Commons, the Commons, SportsPlex, SMU and DAL Athletic facilities.

Still upset how quickly the bid was withdrawn.

attached is the Appendix 3 of the 2014 bid

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