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In the TwitBook numbers

Posted: January 8, 2014
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I just was curious and was comparing Twitter\Facebook numbers

When it comes to shopping areas

Mic Mac Mall   28867 Likes and 3274 followersHalifax Shopping Centre 15884 Likes and 2119 followers
then Dartmouth Crossing 12398 Likes and 1866 followers

Then I thought I would look at microbrew
Propeller has 5872 Likes 9418 followers
Garrison 4491 Likes 8860 followers

the nano guys
Bridge has 1176 Likes 2012 followers
Big Spruce 2195 Likes 1153 followers
Boxing Rock 1001 Likes 772 followers

then I started looking at coffee shops and in all cases the twitter feeds are way more active than Facebook

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