Going to try weekly or bi-weekly recaps of what has been going on in the HRM retail scene,so if you like the idea let me know 🙂

  • Barrington Superstore getting Self Checkouts welcome to 2007  though I never use them I prefer to interact with a cashier (for better or worse) at least their human
  • Fid Resto may be closed May 19th after 13 years,  but they’re ideals of use local ingredients are carried over in EDNA on Gottingen which soft opened last week  & 2 Doors Down on Barrington which opened on Tuesday
  • The Hideaway Pub and Grille closed on Brenton Place the thing is I didn’t know it existed till it closed, but on Facebook, the owner was not pleased with Halifax but from reading it seemed like he just expected to be an instant success so after a mere 6 months it closed.
  • Laura’s Cafe on Barrington near Inglis has closed, guess Borscht and other Russian delicacies weren’t for Halifax. Work has already begum in installing a new Sushi spot location of Bedford based Sakura
  • Yes they are building add-ons to The Bedford Commons and Dartmouth Crossing store to convert them to WalMart SuperCentres, Mumford and Bayers Lake are also making internal renos. If you are curious what WalMart grocery is like just visit a No Frills
  • Quick Little number crunching shows that approximately 95% of the winners of Best of Food in The Coast are HRM bred Business not a franchise of giant chain
  • With the last 15 mo. of Burger restos opening, balance is coming in as 2 vegan restos are opening in West/North End, Wild Leek on Windsor and EnVie on Agricola
  • Dartmouth Crossing is getting a new outdoor store Take it Outside who currently have a Truro store but are expanding into the city
  • Candy Store coming to Sackville SugrRush to open across from Library on Sackville Drive
  • McDonald’s on KemptRd is getting ready for a reno expect a 2-week closure sometime next month
  • Things are looking up in Historic Properties recently the shops had been very vacant but Two if by Sea has moved in, Coldwells is there now and next month Cirollo Chocolates opens
  • The tories are asking for an overhaul of the NSLC to make it so we can pick up wine and beer in corner stores but these are the musings of a party currently in 3rd place so, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon
  • Also of note there is now an Android app Halifax Waste Collection cool little app that reminds you its garbage day  the night before and also tells you whether its Garbage or Green Bin, based on the Halifax Open Data that they released to the public

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