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what's new at Mic Mac

Posted: April 12, 2013
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Well of course the Target is well under construction for a late summer opening, looks like the  Toys R Us space is getting redied for redevelopment, (XXI Forever) worst kept secret in NS retail.

As well I see the space where Showcase and Perks used to be is now a Wireless Wave and a Rogers, with Eastlink, Bell, Telus, Virgin, Black's, the Source and T Booth all in Mic Mac now I'd sya it's the place to go when you want a new phone.


The Bench store is opened


As is Costa Blanca which looks way different than the last time they had a store in Mic Mac


and tween retailer Justice is building their new store


I peaked in the former East Side Marios, and the tables are still set in there

as well TAG is closing out and liquidating their stock

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