Looking For Candidates  for the Ugliest Street in HRM
you know that street that you drive down that you think is gross

or that street you just won’t walk down because it hurts your sense aesthetic

that’s what I am looking for if you have additional send them to me at ideas@retales.ca, leave comments below or tweet/facebook at me HalifaxRetales
Also looking for some defence of the streets listed

Some Early candidates

Dartmouth/Cole Harbour

  • Windmill Rd
  • Wyse Rd
  • Primrose
  • Pinehill Dr (dartmouth)
  • Victoria rd from School St North
  • Gaston Rd. and all it’s offshoots
  • Beaver Crescent

Halifax/Spryfield/Clayton Park/

  • Gottingen Almon to Young
  • Agricola between North and Young
  • Herring Cove especially between  Old Sambro and McIntosh
  • Maynard St
  • Gottingen between Cogswell and Cunard
  • Bilby St
  • Kempt Rd
  • Young (Robie to Windsor)
  • Clifton North of North St

  • Barrington from Cogswell  north
  • Upper Water from Historic Properties North
  • Bay Rd. in Beechville
  • Bayers Lake

Bedford/Sackville/HWY 3 Burbs/Fall River

  • Sackville Dr.
  • Leaside Dr
  • Hammonds Plains Rd.



These are what people have suggested to me I am not necessarily saying these streets are ugly to all in fact I am sure most streets can and will be defended.

some late addons:

Mitchell St in South End Halifax
Albermarle St behind Scotia Sq.
McIntosh St in Spryfield so sketchy that the Google Car didn’t even drive down it