This is a little something I did back in 2004
with out further adieu I present Candy Sushi

First you need the makings of Rice Krispy squares just add more marshmallows so it’s stickier

adding some mini marshmallows

This is a big load so you may need a hand whisking it up , I enlisted he help of the world devourer Galactus

once you have your mess of Rice Krisy Square-ish batter

ahhh I knew I shouldn’t have used the microwave, it has become sentient

Galactus will save us, he’s really nice he’s just misunderstood because he’s always hungry

now that Galactus has wrestled RiceKrispius and stole his energy we have our batter back we can work with
Lay out the batter on some fruit rollups, and pick a filling I chose Gummi worms but Licorice, chocolate or any other yummy you can think of will do

the worms are all laid out

roll them up, don’t judge my rolling skills!

cut them up and voila, Candy Sushi