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Retro: June 1977

Posted: June 8, 2012
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Let's Start with Cleve's just opened the store in Sackville (the Plaza across from McDonalds) and they were still in their original Halifax home on Blowers


Lets follow up with TCW Rasslin at Centennial Arena, fun thing is June 30th this year , at the Forum UCW will be there and Leo Burke is on the card

I don't remember Colonial being in Dartmouth but they are still kicking around today, though I don't remember much from 77 except getting a bath, getting on my PJ's with the feet and then watching the nighttime Price is Right before bed.

Ah Lake Loon, I remember skipping class this time of year to go, c'mon it was half price on weekdays
Today a round of Mini-Golf will set you back $6 ($4 kids)

and finally the Clearwater Lobster Pound was offering up Canners




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