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Your Resto Your Food Safety!

Posted: May 24, 2012
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The province of NS has a food safety website where you can look to see how your favourite restaurant, (or the restaurant that you are about to try for the first time) measures up to their food safety inspections.  All the inspection for the last few years are up there and it can be quite informative most restaurants and eating establishments do quite well but seems people like to skip signing staff up for a proper food handling course. The City of Toronto has their fantastic DineSafe program that makes establishments post their last inspection results. "Post the food safety inspection notice in an obvious place clearly visible to members of the public, at or near the entrance of the establishment;" you can see the outline of the program at their website. Before you enter the establishment wouldn't you like to know? I would love to see the province go this extra mile, when I go in a restaurant I would rather know that it is like this

kudos to Chives

vs. Pizzadelic in Mount Uniacke

Really I would love to know this before entering this Pizzadelic

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