So I have a new page and hashtag #WHIDThfx

“A list of things or places I haven’t done or tried in HRM and around NS. Maybe I just didn’t know about it, maybe I just take it for granted, maybe it’s something new  but these are things I plan to try.”
I’ll be adding things as I think of them and then scratch them off as I get them done, some may take me minutes to complete some may take me forever.

But in the last week I have knocked off 3

First off there was Cantina Mexicana which you can read about here a Sneak Peek at Cantina Mexicana

Then on Sunday I took 2 off the list while I visited the Hydrostones

A trip into Liquid Gold was a treat

A room full of Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar to try and see what you like , little spoons,  cups and cubes of bread from neighbouring Juliens Bakery are all available to sample the selections. My companion and I had a great time sampling different things we selected the Favalosa and Manzanillo oils, and a Fig Balsamic and a Jalapeno White Balsamic  4X120ml $30. I knew it was time to go when my companion started blending vinegars and getting me to guess, the Mocha she made from Chocolate and Espresso Balsamic was kinda tasty though.

5525 Young Street, Halifax

Then across the little park to Highland Drive Storehouse

What a fabulous addition to the North End, the shop is beautiful and impeccable well planned, the whole shop oozes charm right to the delightful owner Jessi, who was deeply inquisitive into what we selected at Liquid Gold, The  meat looked fantastic and the pork chops I bought were great. I am a big fan of pickled beets and hers do not disappoint perfect firmness of these baby gems. Then the piece de resistance the Bone Marrow Butter, that is good stuff. I most definitely will be adding this to my weekly visit rotation. Which is makes me say  WHIDT.

5544 Kaye St,  Halifax

Then we had to go over to Julien’s and get a bread, when we got home we tried all our oil, vinegar and marrow butter. Needless to say we had too much bread.