An observation in the UK there are restaurants in the UK that have taken a new approach to how you order

You enter the restaurant and you are seated by a host
They then take you to a table that is clearly numbered by a stand on the table and then they leave  a stick indicator in the  table stand at your table, and they leave you with a menu
You then go up to the kitchen counter and place your order and pay for it
They then give you your beverages, and you collect your cutlery condiments on the way back to your table
They bring your food to your table
Then a while into your meal they come by and see if you need any thing else, if you do they will place order on your behalf and bring wireless card processor to table
Near the end of your meal they ask if you need anything else dessert coffee etc. and take your stick indicator away to indicate the table is finished.
You finish up and leave at your leisure.

perfect approach to family style restaurant