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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-17

Posted: March 17, 2012
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  • I ordered 2 doz Krispy Kreme's and I'm helping out the kids #

  • RT @yelphalifax: Oh you know just crying with the @LoveMeBoutique crew after rough estimates put #yelpcashmob at $3,200. Nothing to see here #

  • Oh No where did the Monkey Show go? Like a rascally Sock Monkey it's just having fun by moving behind it old DresdenRow spot to QueenSt. #

  • So far the only Restaurant to get a health closure notice in 2012 is Hop Sing in Spryfield #

  • Rocco's in Dartmouth is getting 2nd location in the Dartmouth in former It's All Greek to Me on Baker Table side Caesar #

  • #HRMLunch It's March Break why not unleash your adolescent horde on Darrell's for Peanut Butter Burgers, milkshakes and a MAD to share #

  • #OtherLocalesLocals @1meatandbread is an Awesome spot, the Porchetta sandwich is unreal and the the Bacon Ice Cream sandwich trumps that! #

  • #transitstrike #halifax no complaints? that because of this inconvenience that was thrust on the commuters we are getting higher fares #

  • Sears has no plans for changes to metro stores, I have no idea how that Penhorn one survives #

  • HRSB interested in building elementary at Bloomfield site to replace St.JoesphAlexander-Mckay and JoeHowe schools, land swap with HRM poss. #

  • hey there! to my new followers I get 60% of my new followers on Tuesday mornings, weird! #

  • March Break take the kids to @WoozlesBooks or Tattletales and show the spirit of the independent children's bookstore (great toys as well) #

  • Whiskey Education 7-9pm every Tuesday in March at Press Gang with sommelier Wallace Fraser #

  • RT @ns_mma: TDIH: 1961: Dartmouth was incorporated as a city. @thedeeside thats back when Gloria McCluskey was in her mid 70's #

  • People complain about P Kelleyonly 15% of the eligible votes in HRM actually put him in power ~74% of HRM didn't even vote! #

  • RT @argylefineart:Argyle Fine Art sandwich board and open/closed sign's have been stolen! If you see them and return them we'll offer a... #

  • #HRMLunch release the march break horde on The Argyle for clay oven pizza #

  • I quell my Hunger Games @BoneheadsBBQ RT @haligonia: We've got double-passes to an advance screening of "The Hunger Games" in reply to haligonia #

  • Mumford Video closing up shop Mar 31, selling off inventory now #

  • twitterverse you decide dinner tonight Tom's Havana or 308 South never been to either
    well I did have drink once at Tom's #

  • RT @HalifaxReTales: @haligonia council still has a chance to screw it up #

  • #halifax now the plotting begins how can I use free transit for my personal amusement #

  • Shell gas stations to become Sobeys gas stations, hoping they do something with that derelict on Robie@North #

  • #halifax if I were living on the streets, I would be living on transit for the rest of the month #MetroTransient just sayin' #

  • it's Pi Day HRM needs a specialty pie shop! or 3.14 #

  • Ladies, it's also the Guy's Valentines Day today #steakandbj @MeatMongers can help you with quality Steak ... #

  • #HRMLunch the restless March Break horde still hungry? defeat them with a BBQ plate @BoneheadsBBQ cure for moody male puberty #

  • #halifax #GetOnBoard Free Transit+St Paddys Day = #

  • RT @vallisboutique: It's official, Valli's Health & Beauty is relocating to trendy Quinpool Rd. downtown Halifax. The new space will...... #

  • #HRMLunch #IdesofMarch @BrooklynHalifax have a Caesar Salad that is really good - Steak knife required! cut 23 times for authenticity #

  • #HRMLunch #IdesofMarch OK Rocco's in Dartmouth makes a Caesar from scratch table side for you that is pretty fantastic #

  • #HRMLunch #IdesofMarch I do enjoy the Keg Caesar Salad, and your March break horde can enjoy the grub as well #

  • yummm MT @hfxseaportmrkt: Maritime Pasty Co now have their St Patrick's Day pastys available! Steak and Guinness. #

  • #Halifax I need to make "Winter Parking Ban" into a twitter feed drinking game #

  • #OtherLocalesLocals @Bookshelfnews is a fantastic Book/Coffee/Restot/Bar & ind.Cinema in dt Guelph. HFX could use the same #

  • RT @thesummitshop: All winter jackets, pants, footwear and accessories are 30%-50% off! #

  • Dragon King Buffet on Lower Water is "Closed for Renos" but a for lease sign seems to indicate other wise #

  • she is phenomenal RT @alexboutilier: Yeah, so I just fell in love with the @HFXJazzFest Saturday night headliner: #

  • (insert whistle here) Hinterland Who's Who: The Metro Transit Rider which has been hibernating for weeks emerges from it's slumber #halifax #

  • RT Dragon King Buffet on Lower Water is "Closed for Renos" but a for lease sign seems to indicate other wise #

  • Zellers Cole Harbour @thedeeside store closing liquidation starts today #

  • St. John's excellent Piatto Pizza coming to the VIC on Hollis&Morris #

  • lol a Colleague just asked if I could just save it to a Jaz Drive #retrobuzzwords #

  • Every Irish Pub seems to have Nachos so is it cool if I cook Mexican tomorrow? #

  • How much did it cost riders and #hrmbiz RT @cbcns: Bus strike cost Halifax $900,000 in reply to CBCNS #

  • RT @twoifbyseacafe: Just remind y'all all drinks 50% off all day with purchase of a baked good! Halifax location only, yeah boat rides #

  • #HRMLunch pull up a seat at Rogue's Roost and have a house brewed pint and yummy grub excellent people watching #

  • Brilliant RT @thornbloom: Turn your tap into a drinking fountain with Tapi from Dreamfarm: in reply to thornbloom #

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