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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-10

Posted: March 10, 2012
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  • Shanxi a northern Chinese restaurant is opening later this year in The Courtyard on Dresden Row promising to serve "real" Chinese food #

  • This week the #HRMLunch will focus on on the Business Lunch! #HRMLunch every weekday at 11 giving you yummy ideas across HRM #

  • #HRMLunch #BizEdition Ryan Duffys for the tasty Bistro Steak Salad #

  • I making an early call Rob Anders is going to be diagnosed with "narcolepsy", 2nd time falling asleep on the job. #embarrsingFeds #

  • Watched "Goon" on the weekend the HRM flag was well represented, more so than I see in everyday life #

  • RT @krisp131: Another trek across #Halifax to the suburbs! #longwalks #

  • Dragons Den auditions Mar 17 @ Cambridge Suites Halifax #

  • jealous every time I see sidewalk plows in Dartmouth city wants to save snow $ make Dartmouth shovel their own sidewalks #

  • House Warmings in the brewery market to close by the end of April , time to retire #

  • Ever curious how your favourite eats measure up against their food health inspections? #

  • #HRMLunch #BizEdition janes on the common for a can't fail delicious lunch #

  • Bayers Lake Business Association ceases #

  • anyone have a suggesstion on where to get a wall decal made ? #

  • OK Day 50: thanks to my 223 followers for reading my 391 updates. #

  • RT @downtownhalifax: #BigDayDowntown Ep. 7 is up! Featuring @NSCADUniversity and @ArgyleFineArt with host @withbite. @Greater_Halifax... #

  • #HRMLunch #BizEdition Fish and Roasties at Wooden Monkey the classic fishandchips reimagined #

  • HMV getting out of video game business MicMacstock shipped to SpGrdnRd now at up to 75%off #

  • 1st trip to @CheeseCurdHRM took 70min to get food, today start same spot 22min GREAT job adjusting to demand Onion Rings are unreal, honey<3 #

  • Late to the Original Party but I crowdfunded @BrooklynHalifax last night #

  • hey @Freak_Lunchbox welcome to the twitterverse #

  • Genius RT @freak_lunchbox: Bacon flavoured microwave popcorn is on order. We'll keep you posted, you know you want it! Oink oink. in reply to Freak_Lunchbox #

  • Going to be so hip that I am lining up at the not officially announced Apple Store In HSC 2B 1st one to get an iPad3 Good Idea Right? #

  • RT @trailshop: Footwear Sale! Select styles of Trail Runners, Hikers, Winter boots, and more 30-50% off! #

  • LumberMart partners with US Giant Ace Hardware my question is are they still "local" @ilovelocalhfx I think not #

  • Today is International Women's Day coincidentally I have plans to have a sandwich for lunch #

  • #HRMLunch #BizEdition Lobster Mac & Cheese at Cut Grill - East Coast comfort food #

  • Worth the Drive to Eastern Passage for the Fish Cake Breakfast at Emma's @eatfishcakes #

  • SPRINGTASTIC! RT @ristoranteamano: What do you think #Halifax Open patio on MARCH 8 FTW!! in reply to ristoranteamano #

  • April 5th is Krispy Kreme day they make the best buns for bacon cheeseburgers trust me place order by April 1 #

  • Other Locales Locals: Top Pot Doughnuts Seattle fantastic doughnuts, make me miss the Donut Machine :( #

  • Coke and Pepsi changing recipes to avoid cancer labeling under new California Law #

  • p'lovers leaving Park Lane for street location in the Trillium, I think it is a fantastic move #

  • #FF @HFX_Headlines makes me laugh #

  • planning to try @lecoq_hfx for the first time Saturday any suggestions on a can't miss dish? #

  • grumble my weekend is an hour shorter this week! #IHateTimeChange #

  • #HRMLunch #BizEdition Jamiesons in Colby Village is great spot to have a Ploughman's lunch on Friday afternoon #

  • That's right kiddies it's March Break in a few short hours!! 2011 Feb Break was lame back to the roots in 2012 #

  • nerd alert: looks like the price of Hard Drives is finally starting to drop again #

  • #OtherLocalesLocals Boston: if you want to eat inexpensive and fantastic in Beantown hit up Anna's #

  • So is the Oval like Halifax's Groundhog? No more weeks of winter! #

  • FibreOp is coming to anyone in @WestEndHFX late April #

  • RT @halifaxwingman: Any fans of the #wings at The Muster Station out there? Check out for my latest review. #

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