The future of the the Bayers Lake Industrial Park (BLIP) may look something like this.


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The questions I ask

  • Can the BLIP handle the traffic? The Washmill Lake overpass wasn’t really a solution as executed.
  • What will happen to the space left by Costco, Kent and WalMart abandoning their current stores?
  • Is there a need to develop this space at all?
  • Does this hurt the revitalization of downtown ?

Link to Herald article by Colleen Cosgrove last year (

Of course none of this is confirmed.

EDIT: 10-10-12

Also now rumoured to be coming are Forever 21, Marshalls, Marks & Spencers, Top Shop, JC Penney
I have also heard that Structube, Crate & Barrel and something from the Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma family
though I can’t see why a US retailer would make it’s entry point in Halifax, it may make sense for a European based retailer though