We all now know the success of the oval, and shows Haligonians are willing to use public space in droves, but what about the rest of the commons or that big open space in the middle of the city that only seems to be used for Fat People to stand around in a formation on Saturday Mornings. or for people to cut across when walking from Downtown to the West End. We need to do more with the space that is truly common the other piece with tennis courts, real baseball field, skate park, basketball and play ground is common. The corner at the willow tree is often used not for baseball but by our cricket community why not install a real cricket pitch for them. Some vegetation wouldn’t hurt at all and maybe a real sit down park area so the fountain doesn’t look so out of place. maybe lease a small area so food trucks can setup a few tables and setup in the good weather. An outdoor workout area like in Dartmouth Commons and maybe even a dirt running track for the joggers.

Then we get to the usual question in this day and age where is the money going to come from by no means do I think it should come in the form of increased taxes, instead a user fee. A user fee on business that pollute our landscape with hideous signs and billboards there should be an additional user fee  on companies that use billboards and that money could go into a a city beautification fund based on the amount of hideous signs we have there is probably huge money to be made. This could changes to the commons and more streetscaping and park improvement around the HRM.