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Well not quite yet. There is the encouraging Soups on the Move in the Parking lot of Dartmouth Surplus in Burnside, but that is part of the issue with food trucks there is limited public space for food trucks, it all has to be on private land and the private land is mostly outside of the core.

HRM Administrative Ordinance 37 outlines where food trucks and mobile carts can setup up but the locations are all setup for one vendor who has rights to that spot for up to 5 years and there are only 6 truck spots and 10 cart spots in all of HRM (5 of those are at the Public Library I hope there are going to be spots at the new library and 4 on Argyle at the Grand Parade stairs) There is one established for the DawgFather so maybe there is room for more.


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With the big vacant holes in downtown, would they not be livened up by food trucks lined up all along Argyle between Prince and Sackville, or maybe one sitting at the old Tex Park? There could be open blocks that have daily fee that could be paid in the form of them receiving a visit from Parking Enforcement who could issue them an invoice as they do their rounds. There could be a proportion that are open and some that are designated with an annual license.

There are some loopholes like Rocky’s late night operating in a Patio area, but we need more a chance for you chefs to setup satelittes and test the market or established nighttime restaurants with Daytime offerings I know for example Saege already has a tasty truck. How about maybe a Boneheads truck downtown Dartmouth or a Tarek truck on the Arm, and Italian Gourmet Truck on Doyle Street where sandwiches once were built, A Two if by Sea truck at Robie and South.  Korean Tacos, Banh Mi, or simple french food. There is so much opportunity but no place to go.